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Upcoming events:

MRI Research seminars: once a month.

2018 dates: Modays 12:10 ECHA basement L1-220
Mon Jan 15 Richard Thompson, PhD: Exercise in the MRI Scanner - Why and How
Mon Feb 12th TBA
Mon March 12 TBA

A key goal is to broaden everyone's MRI knowledge across the fields of technical MRI, MRI-related biology and medicine, and MRI analysis. Also to provide awareness of the diverse research in the Peter S Allen Centre and to provide more in-house speaking opportunities. The plan is to have a short talk (25 min) to limit necessary preparation for speakers and also to allow extended time for discussion after the talk.

If you are involved in MRI research, then you would be a possible speaker (students, post-docs, staff, profs). Talks can be directly on your research or about a key paper you have read. Talks should have an educational and research component. Please contact me if you would like to speak, otherwise I will find people.

We will start with once a month in middle of each month on Wednesdays at noon, but day of week can move based on each speaker's preference. (Wednesday overlaps stroke rounds for example.) As of 2018, seminars will be held on Mondays. Seminars will start at 12:10 sharp and end before 12:55. Feel free to arrive early to interact with your colleagues. It is fine to eat your lunch during the talk as needed.

Extra MRI seminar Thurs March 1 12:10: Alex MacKay UBC (TBA, related to myelin water MRI)